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Nothing can compare to nature. Seeing the world’s great forests and lakes can help a person remember what’s truly important in life. It is for this reason that we rent canoes & kayaks to those interested in such adventures.


Our canoe rentals and kayak rentals let you travel along the peaceful waters around Twin Lakes, CO. Those who are interested in angling can even sign up for fishing tours! Doing so gives you access to some of the best fishing in the area.


You also have the option of arranging group events. These can be specifically designed for disadvantaged or troubled youths. Having some lake fun can be a fantastic opportunity for those with limited exposure to the outdoors. We even offer SUP paddleboards for rent.


You can learn more about our canoes & kayaks by contacting me, Johnny Canoe, at Twin Lakes Canoe & Kayak Adventures in Twin Lakes, CO.

Summer Events:


Registration Due by 7-1-2014

50.00 Entry Fee, includes T-Shirt person


1. 3 person canoe 150.00

2. Tandem Kayak 100.00

3. Single kayak 50.00

4. SUP 50.00

Awards after all events

Include your T Shirt size xl,l,m

3 person canoe:men,women,mix,SR

Tandem Kayak:men,women,mix,SR

Single Kayak:men,women,SR

SUP: men,women,SR

Must be 21 and up. Sr 55 +

All races are timed.The course is 1 mile across the lake and back.

Up to 3 prizes for each category.

Free T shirt included with each Registration


When: 7-12-2014

Time: 9.00am to 4.00 pm

Sups, solos, tandems, then canoes.

Where: RedRooster boat ramp ,Twin Lakes CO.


Call or email for more info and sign up.50 boat limit.

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